Interview with Enwise green energy founders

July 27, 2023
Xavier Wong

Enwise, a CM Venture portfolio company, develops and builds on-site green energy plants which convert food byproducts or organic waste into biogas/electricity. By using a process known as dry anaerobic digestion, it requires no water or additional resources to produce green biogas/green electricity (with high-quality fertilizer as a bonus product, so nothing goes to waste). It’s able to contribute significantly to a food factory’s energy needs, to help pursue energy independence and champion the issue of sustainability. Enwise green energy systems are used at China’s Pepsico Lay’s potato chip factory in Wuhan, providing 25% of their factory energy needs – just from their waste potato peels. Their systems are also depended on well known food companies such as Oatly and Mars.

Come find out who the founders are, why they started it and what they envision for the green energy industry for the near future.

A candid interview with Enwise founders Stephane and Zhuoya