Our Momentum event kicks off next week 13-14 Nov at Guofu Hydrogen & GPT

November 8, 2023
Xavier Wong

Momentum is a 2-day microconference held at CM Venture’s portfolio companies Guofu Hydrogen in Jiangsu and Global Power Technology (GPT) in Hunan.

13 Nov, Monday, Guofu Hydrogen: “Materials in Hydrogen economy”
14 Nov, Tuesday, GPT: “3rd Generation Semiconductors”

The two day forum over Fall 2023 takes experts, academicians, LPs, CVCs and esteemed guests on-site at two of our most prominent portfolio companies. Discover the spectacular progress of the hydrogen economy and evolution of semiconductor technology through the convergence of research & innovation. The micro-conference will be held at two locations, Day 1 at Guofu Hydrogen (Jiangsu, China), Day 2 at Global Power Technologies (Hunan, China). Guests will have the opportunity to tour Guofu and GPT’s facilities on-site, as well as see demonstrations of their technology in action. 

Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Development Foundation (SSEIF) is a not-for-profit organization that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, and dialogue between East and West. The SSEIF foundation was founded by CM Venture Capital, and financially supported by the Mitsubishi Corporation.

Founding organizer: 
CM Venture Capital (www.cmventure.net) is a venture capital company that invests in new materials, advanced manufacturing, new energy and ESG. CM Venture Capital’s funds are invested by MNC companies including GE, Samsung, BASF, SABIC, Petronas, British American Tobacco (BAT), Heraeus.

Regular Forums: 
The Innovation China global forums are professional forums that bring MNC companies, start-ups, venture capital investors and policy makers to discuss topics that are of importance to the world. Past forums include 2015 – hard technology investing, 2016 – advanced manufacturing, 2017 – digital industrial, 2018 – new materials, 2019 – functional materials, 2020 – circular economy and digitization.