Skysys & Ocean Aviation (Yuan Yang Aviation) collaborate to develop UAV training programs for nationwide use

October 8, 2023
Xavier Wong

With the drone industry facing a talent shortage, and a lack of skilled, professional or qualified operators, Skysys and Ocean Aviation have signed an agreement in September to develop, launch and promote a UAV simulation training system & program for nationwide use.

The UAV training program will be offered to over 500 vocational colleges and universities across China, to be integrated with national school resources.

By cultivating high-quality professional UAV talents, the overall aim is to deliver a positive impact on colleges and universities, enterprises, and industry.

For educational institutions, they can use the nationwide simulation platform to allow students to transform theory into practical applications, and understand the role of drones in smart cities and new energy. This helps students keep up-to-date with the industry and nurture young professionals for fully automatic smart drone operations.

For enterprises, sharing resources with educational institutions and universities creates an ecosystem to develop cutting-edge technologies for the drone industry, enhancing competitiveness. By developing minds for the industry, enterprises can also hire talents from the ecosystem to support their operational requirements.

For industry, the training program solves the issue of a lack of talents and professionalism in the UAV industry. It also will help UAV quickly adapt to new industry standards and aid industrial digitalization.

Skysys will collaborate closely with the industry, academia and research, contributing with its R&D and product innovation experience, to support the growth of talents to operate, manage and maintain smart drone systems. Skysys’ partnership with Ocean Aviation is a key step in helping create an open, collaborative and symbiotic development of the future of the smart drone industry.