Averatek rebranded as LQDX

April 15, 2024

Averatek, a CM portfolio startup and a maker of high-performance materials for advanced semiconductor manufacturing, announced on 12 April that it has relaunched as LQDX (‘lik-WID-ix) to focus on the rapid adoption of its Artificial Intelligence enabling chemistries and process technology.

LQDX (formerly Averatek) develops and licenses breakthrough manufacturing processes for a variety of electronic products, including very high-density printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging, as well as RF & millimeter wave passive components. LQDX also develops and offers the key chemistry that enables these advanced manufacturing processes. LQDX was founded by SRI International, a global contract research and development institution, together with a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

The new LQDX brand represents many things: a new team, new funding, a re-engineering of their IP and tech, and their pivot to the AI-driven semiconductor/packaging market. It also rebrands the company at a pivotal moment in semiconductor industry history, and broadcasts their excitement in sharing its proven and patented Liquid Metal Ink (Liquid-X) for the market.


To fund its next stage of growth, the company has concluded a combined equity and initial government funding round of $10M USD. Further to this strategy LQDX has made substantive updates to its corporate governance and executive staff, naming Simon McElrea as Director & CEO, Rozalia Beica as Chief Commercial Officer, and Scott Meikle as Executive Chairman.


Simon McElrea
He joins LQDX having built and sold a number of technology businesses, most recently FreePower® the pioneering wireless charging innovator adopted by Tesla, and Semblant Inc. the nanomaterials provider adopted by Apple.


Rozalia Beica
She joins from AT&S where she served as CSO and VP Strategic Marketing & Business Development, having previously held a range of Executive and C-Level positions at Dupont, Applied Materials and Yole Developpement.


Scott Meikle PhD
He was previously SVP Global Customer Operations at Lam Research and President of Inotera Memories, now Micron Inc.


This is a pivotal moment for LQDX and the semiconductor industry as they ready themselves for the unprecedented inflection of AI and High-Performance Computing.


“We are thrilled to relaunch as LQDX,” announced Simon McElrea, CEO. “This is a pivotal moment for us and the entire semiconductor industry as we ready ourselves for the unprecedented inflection of AI and High-Performance Computing. The refocus enables us to build our team and support systems for the next phase of growth as an advanced chemical and process licensing business”.


“This is truly an exciting reboot, matching an equally exciting time in the semiconductor industry,” said Scott Meikle, Chairman. “LQDX has reengineered every element of the company to prepare ourselves and our partners for the unprecedented ramp in advanced interconnect technology and Chiplet-driven architecture”.


LQDX denotes their Liquid-X specialty, which is a giant leap in technology called ‘Liquid Metal Ink’. With this breakthrough LQDX can deposit metal atom-by-atom, making IC circuitry 250 times denser than existing technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to dominate the I/O industry, and Liquid Metal Ink is designed to take on the market. Searches for averatekcorp.com will be rerouted to https://lqdx.com.


LQDX Vision

LQDX is the leading edge of chip manufacturing for the AI industry and beyond.


LQDX Core Values

Innovation, Flexibility, Foresight


About LQDX (formerly Averatek):
LQDX pioneers advanced materials for AI and high-performance computing applications, unlocking new possibilities for the semiconductor industry. Founded in collaboration with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the company, based in Silicon Valley California, has developed a suite of cutting-edge chemistries and process technologies to revolutionize chip interconnect architecture. As the demand for computing power skyrockets with the rapid rise of AI and ML computing, new tools are needed in the semiconductor packaging and Ultra High-Density Interconnect (UHDI) toolbox. 


At the heart of LQDX’ portfolio lies LMIx® – or Liquid Metal Ink® technology – a novel metallization chemistry suite that enables the production of circuits up to 250 times denser than conventional Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and the most advanced interconnects used as redistribution lines (RDLs) for chiplet integration and 3D die stacking using through-silicon-vias (TSVs) These advanced features, previously exclusive to silicon, are essential to meet the exponential growth demand in signal density required by advanced chips, chiplets and heterogeneous integration. As an alternative to highly expensive wafer processing which uses Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, LMIx® is a simple PVD-in-a-BottleTM substitute that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Learn what LQDX can do for you and find your Liquid-X at info@lqdx.com