CM featured in TV5Monde documentary ‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ (Pioneers of the Middle Kingdom), airing globally on Jan 2024

January 20, 2024

TV5Monde documentary series premiere date: 14 Jan 2024 (Total 10 episodes)

Film director/production studio: Li Qi, No Country Productions

CM Venture (with Guofu, ZenithNano & Skysys) featured in: Episode 4 ‘Finance’

Episode 4 ‘Finance’ premiere date: 21 Jan 2024

CM Venture is proud to announce that its founders Dr Patrick Berbon and Dr Min Zhou – as well as selected CM portfolio companies – are featured in a new TV5Monde documentary program ‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ (Pioneers of the Middle Kingdom). CM Venture is presented as a niche, science-centered, global-minded venture capital firm based in Shanghai in episode 4 ‘Finance’. The series launches on 14 Jan, with episode 4 ‘Finance’ featuring CM Venture premiering on 21 Jan.

The global series celebrates the 60th anniversary of France-China bilateral relations
2024 marks the official 60th anniversary of China-France bilateral relations, and TV5Monde’s ‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ focuses on French entrepreneurs thriving in the Middle Kingdom (China). The documentary will be aired across TV5Monde channels in Europe, Asia/Asia Pacific, Oceania, USA, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ documentary – official TV5Monde introduction:
Succeeding thanks to their innovative projects in industry, hospitality, health, finance, architecture, tourism, IT, wine, technology and communication, we discover the interwoven portraits of 30 French entrepreneurs who decided to set up business in China.

Documentary film introduction link:

Episode 4 ‘Finance’ – featuring CM Venture – synopsis
The episode features Dr Patrick Berbon and Dr Min Zhou as founders of a venture capital investing in the industries of the future. The founders share how they started, why they chose China as the base for their business, and what stands behind their mission. The episode also guest-stars CM Venture portfolio companies ZenithNano, Guofu Hydrogen and Skysys. Two other French-founded companies based in Shanghai are also featured: a venture capital and a strategic investment company.

Episode 4 ‘Finance’ – official TV5Monde introduction:
Emmanuel Gros brings a touch of creativity to company mergers and acquisitions. Éric Huet is particularly interested in the Chinese middle classes and their how they spend their money. Doctors Min Zhou and Patrick Berbon are investing in the industries of the future.

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‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ documentary premise, by film director Li Qi
The word “entrepreneur” is rooted in French culture. The French people’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship stands behind many of the global brands we know today: L’Oreal, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Michelin, Renault, Peugeot and more.

In 2015, when current French President Emmanuel Macron was French Minister of Economy, he said “Become a Future Billionaire” to encourage young people to pursue entrepreneurship. In chasing their entrepreneurial goals, China has become one of the hotspots. By 2017, over 200 French-founded companies were registered with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.

For this film, 150 French entrepreneurs in China were interviewed, but only 30 were chosen to represent the global, borderless entrepreneurial spirit of the French people. The documentary covers 10 fields: architectural design & construction, catering, industry, medical health, fashion and public relations, education, tourism, computer and entertainment, finance and technology. The film was shot in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dalian, Chengdu, Shangri-La and 7 other cities.

This documentary opens a rare window into how French entrepreneurs do businesses in China, to inspire and ignite the entrepreneurial dreams of those thinking of venturing beyond their own shores. To achieve this, the film explores the depth of each entrepreneur’s passion, insights and expertise.

About TV5Monde
TV5Monde, also known as French Television International Five, is the 4th largest international media after CNN, MTV and BBC World. It broadcasts in French with subtitles in 14 languages. It spans nearly 200 countries and regions, across 5 continents around the world, reaching 354 million households.

Media reach
The documentary program ‘Les Pionniers De L’empire Du Milieu’ will air to audiences in:
Europe, Asia/Asia Pacific, Oceania, USA, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

Episode 4 broadcast schedule
CM Venture is featured in episode 4, with its first broadcast on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Episode broadcast dates, local timing and TV5 channels:

  • 21/01/24 | 02:57 | TV5 Asie/Intégrale TV
  • 23/01/24 | 13:02 | TV5 Europe/Intégrale TV
  • 23/01/24 | 05:27 | TV5 Asie/Intégrale TV
  • 24/01/24 | 03:31 | TV5 Europe/Intégrale TV
  • 24/01/24 | 17:28 | TV5 Amerique latine/Intégrale TV
  • 25/01/24 | 16:18 | TV5 FBS/Intégrale TV
  • 26/01/24 | 21:28 | TV5 Etats Unis/Intégrale TV
  • 26/01/24 | 05:27 | TV5 Pacifique/Intégrale TV
  • 30/01/24 | 02:32 | TV5 Orient/Intégrale TV
  • 30/01/24 | 22:57 | TV5 Asie/Intégrale TV
  • 30/01/24 | 15:29 | TV5 Orient/Intégrale TV
  • 01/02/24 | 04:56 |TV5 FBS/Intégrale TV
  • 02/02/24 | 02:25 | TV5 FBS/ Intégrale TV
  • 02/02/24 | 17:27 | TV5 Pacifique/Intégrale TV
  • 04/02/24 | 12:21 | TV5 Afrique/Intégrale TV

BONUS: CM Portfolio Company ‘Enwise’ is also featured in episode 1
Enwise, a CM startup that builds and operates bio-energy stations for manufacturing facilities, is featured in episode 1 “Industry/Eco-Innovation”. Enwise founders Stéphane Vernède and Zhuo Ya Li are featured. Initial broadcast date: Sunday, January 14, 2024

Episode 1 ‘Industry/Eco-Innovation’ – official TV5Monde introduction:
Stéphane Gonnetand and Gildas Olivier launch a ship-building project in Dalian, a city northern China. Cyrille Champagne carries out industrial, social and environmental audits. Stéphane Vernède and Zhuo Ya Li produce renewable energy from waste. All are committed to the principle of eco-innovation.

Episode introduction link:

About ZenithNano
ZenithNano is a leader in ITO-replacements for transparent conductive films. The innovation-driven company has developed breakthrough transparent conductive nanometal films used on flexible touchscreens, solar panels, and more.

About Guofu Hydrogen
Guofu Hydrogen provides complete value chain solutions/infrastructure for the green hydrogen industry. Their goal is to empower widespread clean energy adoption, supporting global decarbonization efforts.

About Skysys
Founded in 2017, Skysys is the first Chinese startup to offering total drone solution integrating automated drone hangars with autonomous drones. Skysys drones are used across China to help survey and maintain clean energy solutions, such as solar panel farms, wind turbines and power grids.

About Enwise
Enwise delivers some of the best carbon footprint reduction solutions to its customers by transforming organic waste into energy, with innovative hardware, software and services.