CM Venture Capital invests in Compound Semiconductor

June 30, 2022

CM Venture Capital is a co-lead investor in the seed-round financing for Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd, founded in 2020 to develop and manufacture wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices. Compound Semiconductor’s core products include wafer-level diamond heat sink wafers, diamond-based GaN epitaxial wafers, AlN-on-sapphire template and more under development.

 As higher-powered devices are developed, heat management becomes more and more challenging for these devices. Diamond heat sink can be applied as the heat dissipation solution for ​high power RF devices and optoelectronic devices, semiconductor lasers and power conductors. ​With a thermal conductivity of 1000-2000 W/(m·K), diamond heat sink has far superior properties compared to current solutions including ceramic material (Such as AlN, BeO, and Al2O3), metal material (such as Al and Cu) and composite material (such as AlSiC). 

Compound Semiconductor produces diamond heat sinks with world-class MPCVD process. Its MPCVD reactor has proprietary design for high growth rate, and it’s post-growth processing yield superb surface finish qualities.

Diamond Heat Sink production at Compound Semiconductor

In addition to diamond heat sinks, Compound Semiconductor has developed magnetron sputtering equipment and process for depositing AlN template on sapphire substrate for UVC applications. Aluminum nitride (AlN) is one of the few non-metallic materials with high thermal conductivity and has a broad market applications that Compound Semiconductor is pursuing with partners:

  • Sapphire-based/silicon-based AlN has important applications in UV LEDs, UV detection chips, UV lasers, 5G RF front-end filters and defense, aerospace and other fields.
  • AlN film in RF front-end filters, UV LED, Mini LED applications are in the market explosion growth period.
  • BAW Filter: Filters are the largest sub-sector in the RF front-end segment in terms of size.


Commenting on the investment, CM Venture Capital Managing Partner Dr. Min Zhou said: “CM Venture Capital has long held interest in compound semiconductors, and has evaluated many start-ups in the field globally. What made us super-excited about Compound Semiconductor is its own proprietary reactor design and manufacturing process, that when combined will allow the company to scale up manufacturing and reduce cost of the heat sink or template. These semiconductor materials are critical for high power devices and for UVC LED, but they need to be made at reasonable cost and high quality. We believe that with strong support from its corporate partners, Compound Semiconductor has the potential to become a world-leader in this class of material. We are proud to support the company in its advanced research, scale-up manufacturing and application development”. 

Diamond Heat Sink production at Compound Semiconductor