CM Venture Capital led the 20 million RMB A + round investment in Nanotop, an advanced electronic material company

April 29, 2020

CM Venture Capital led the Nanotop A + round of 20 millions RMB investment, and company founding team also participated in this round. This round of financing is mainly used to provide cash flow for customer orders fulfilment and new product development to support Nanotop to speed up the growth.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Yanlin Song, Nanotop focuses on the development of advanced electronics material since the inception. Company has always been adhering to the mission of “Customer value, Employee happiness” and committed to providing “five-star quality” products and services to customers. Relying on profound technology accumulation and lean production process, Nanotop has launched a series of products centered on conductive and shielding materials.

Dr. Song Yanlin, founder & Chairman, is a researcher and doctoral supervisor at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is mainly engaged in the research of  photoelectric functional materials, nano materials and green printing technology. He has presided over 30 national key research projects as chief scientist. He has published more than 360 papers in SCI and got more than 100 invention patents authorized in China, 24 invention patents authorized in the United States, Japan, the European Union, and South Korea.

Dr. Min Zhou, CEO of CM Venture Capital, said: “We have long been focusing on new material technologies. With the outbreak of 5G deployment, conductive and EMI silver material market also reach inflection point in 2020. 

Advanced electronic silver paste has been long dominated by multination companies. Dr. Song Yanlin has carried out two decades of research and overcame all aspects of industrialization difficulties in silver powder preparation, surface modification, formulation and process. Current products possess superior performance in key indicators such as stability, weather resistance and resistivity. Company is now the only suppliers for related products in 5G base stations and mobile phone applications. 

Unlike most new material industrialization projects, electronic silver paste production does not require large fixed asset investment and thus can achieve high return of capital. We are confident that Nanotop will grow into a world-class electronic materials company. “
Nanotop mainly serves 5G communications and consumer electronics fields. Company puts forward “1+N” product strategy:  With “conductive and shielding materials” as core product, company provides “N” industry solutions such as thermal conductive materials, packaging materials, display materials based on customer needs.

In the field of 5G communications, Nanotop has worked closely with Huawei to develop products such as electromagnetic shielding paste, electromagnetic shielding silicone strips, FIP conductive adhesive, and PDS antenna silver paste, which are used in 5G communication base stations and mobile phones. In the field of touch display, company’s conductive silver paste has long been supplied to industry leaders such as Holitech, Sino-Optoelectronics, Ofilm.

Wengang Yin, CEO of Nanotop, said: “Domestic basic raw materials still have a gap compared with the products from United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany suppliers in terms of stability, consistency and quality. Our value lies in improving and even changing the performance of basic raw materials to ensure the stability and consistency of end products. “