Decrypt the "secret" of GUOFUHEE’s leading market share

September 29, 2021

The domestic hydrogen power industry has made great progress in recent years. In 2021, with the promotion of double carbon goal and fuel cell demonstration city, enterprises in all links of hydrogen power industry chain are accelerating their layout. Among these enterprises, the performance of Jiangsu GUOFU Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co, Ltd. (abbreviated as GUOFUHEE), one of the largest Chinese hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing enterprises, is particularly remarkable.

Founded in 2016, GUOFUHEE focuses on the design, manufacturing, and provision of the related technology and sales in hydrogen products, including hydrogen booster, hydrogen refueling station, onboard hydrogen supply system, the storage container, and liquid hydrogen tank. The company engages in the project design and the equipment provision of the hydrogen liquefaction plants, committed to the whole industrial chain of liquid hydrogen and equipment technology solutions.

Over the past five years since its establishment, GUOFUHEE has provided hydrogen bottles and hydrogen supply systems for more than 4000 fuel cell vehicles and complete sets of equipment for more than 60 hydrogenation stations. The market share of its domestic hydrogen energy equipment is far ahead. In September 2021, the 1st phase of GUOFUHEE’s equipment industrial base was officially put into operation along with Hebei Chongli Xiwanzi hydrogenation station and Beijing Wangquanying hydrogenation station, which provided 70MPa hydrogenation equipment.

What could GUOFUHEE do for its hydrogen energy equipment industrial base? What is its significance? Why has GUOFUHEE been selected as the equipment provider for the Sinopec hydrogenation station project? What plans does GUOFUHEE have in the future?

With these questions, we conducted an in-depth interview with Kai Wang, the general manager of GUOFUHEE.

The industrial base will build a large-scale production capacity of high-pressure hydrogen bottles and liquid hydrogen industrial chain series equipment

On September 10, the operation ceremony of the hydrogenation station was grandly held. The 1st phase of the GUOFUHEE’s hydrogen energy equipment industrial base was officially put into operation at the event site.

It is reported that the hydrogen energy equipment industrial base project, with a total investment of 480 million RMB, was established in early 2019 and constructed in two phases. It is expected to build large-scale production capacity of high-pressure hydrogen bottles and liquid hydrogen industrial chain series equipment——

The 1st phase of the project has an investment of 280 million RMB. After completion, it mainly produces high-pressure hydrogen bottles, on-board hydrogen supply system, liquid hydrogen hydrogenation station, and high-pressure hydrogenation station, as well as 8-10 ton/day hydrogen liquefaction unit, liquid hydrogen storage tank, liquid hydrogen tank, and other large liquid hydrogen container series, which have been completed and put into operation.

The 2nd phase of the project, with an investment of 200 million RMB, is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 and then put into operation in 2022, with the increasing capacity of carbon fiber wound type IV high-pressure hydrogen bottles and multiple sets of hydrogen liquefaction units (including 300 m3 liquid hydrogen storage tanks and 40 inches foot tanks), 60 m3 liquid hydrogen tanks and liquid hydrogen hydrogenation stations, high-pressure hydrogenation stations, and electrolytic water hydrogen production units.

Kai Wang said that with the proposal of the double carbon goal, the national hydrogen energy industry policy is gradually clarified, and the list of fuel cell demonstration and promotion cities is issued. China is about to usher in the explosion of the hydrogen energy industry and the prosperity of the equipment market. GUOFUHEE has completed the construction of the equipment industry in advance, making full preparations to meet the market demand.

In September 2021, the 1st phase of the industrial base project was finished, and the 2nd phase was capped, providing an industrial foundation for realizing the vision of “100 years of hydrogen energy and 10 billion national wealth.”

Why does GUOFUHEE have a high market share in hydrogenation station equipment?

As a leading one-stop solution supplier for the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy equipment in China, GUOFUHEE has made outstanding achievements in the hydrogenation station equipment and the hydrogen supply system.

In 2020, GUOFUHEE built nearly 30 hydrogen refueling stations and provided more than 1000 sets of onboard hydrogen supply systems to OEMs and fuel cell integrators. In 2021, GUOFUHEE also provided complete sets of equipment for multiple hydrogenation stations.

For the reason of its leading market share, Kai Wang provided the answer below– 

GUOFUHEE has a young and dynamic team. Since its establishment, it has established comprehensive technological research & development, manufacturing, and after-sales service system. The company has a high localization rate of product technology, fast product renewal and iteration, cost control advantage, and large-scale production to ensure reliable performance and quality and firm consistency.

Since its inception, GUOFUHEE has been positioned as a large-scale commercial vehicle operation in the field of hydrogenation station equipment. The launch of each product of GUOFUHEE is based on sufficient data verification and technical support.

GUOFUHEE advocates station linkage. There are a large number of commercial hydrogenation data in the application cases of more than 60 hydrogenation stations, which supports the upgrading of post products in rapid iteration. The hydrogenation station has strong IoT functional supports to serve customers better.

It is noteworthy that among the four hydrogenation stations, which are Beijing Qingyuan Street hydrogenation station, Beijing Wangquanying hydrogenation station, Beijing Xinglong oil and hydrogen joint construction station, and Hebei Chongli Xiwanzi hydrogenation station, once put into operation by Sinopec, the equipment provided by GUOFUHEE is used in two hydrogenation stations——

Hebei Chongli Xiwanzi hydrogenation station (one set of 70MPa hydrogenation equipment of 500 kg/day is provided) and Beijing Wangquanying hydrogenation station (two sets of 70MPa hydrogenation equipment of 500 kg/day are provided).

At present, there are not many domestic enterprises that can provide 70MPa hydrogenation equipment, especially the commercial 70MPa hydrogenation unit with large-scale hydrogenation capacity. Early in 2017, GUOFUHEE began to invest in the research and development of 70MPa commercial hydrogenation equipment with a scale of 200 kg/day and above.

In 2018, GUOFUHEE was supported by the “70MPa intelligent hydrogenation unit” project of Jiangsu high-end equipment development catch-up project, benchmarking the international advanced technology level, completing the project acceptance and achievement transformation and application in 2020, and obtaining the registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements of China Machinery Industry Federation.

Kai Wang said that GUOFUHEE has accumulated rich practical experience through a large number of filling tests and data acquisition and has taken the lead in the batch production of commercial 70MPa hydrogenation complete sets of equipment in China, which is also an important reason for the successful selection of Sinopec hydrogenation station.

Becoming the domestically leading one-stop supplier in the industrial chain of hydrogen is the core target for GUOFUHEE

In recent years, the development of China’s hydrogen energy industry has been growing continuously. In particular, since 2021, “hydrogen into thousands of homes” has settled in Shandong. Three fuel cell demonstration urban agglomerations have been officially announced one after another.

Kai Wang said that GUOFUHEE is very optimistic about China’s hydrogen energy industry’s rapid development and sustained growth in the next 10-20 years.

In the future, GUOFUHEE will actively promote the implementation of the three strategies of liquid hydrogen, type IV bottle, and intelligent manufacturing, open up the whole industry chain business model from water electrolysis hydrogen production, liquefaction, liquid hydrogen storage, and transportation to terminal applications, and realize cloud manufacturing, cloud sales, and cloud services in combination with the Internet of things and big data platform. The company is committed to becoming the domestically leading one-stop supplier in the industrial chain of hydrogen.

At the same time, under the guidance of the national strategy of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization,” GUOFUHEE will construct an “Oriental Hydrogen Port,” build a domestic leading and international advanced modern hydrogen energy equipment industrial base and provide a more solid energy guarantee for realizing the “two centenary” goals and the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of China.