Breakthrough low-Iridium technology
for green hydrogen production

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Dynamic Hydrogen

Dynamic Hydrogen’s focus is in research and development of hydrogen energy production tech. They have developed a new breakthrough for a new generation of high-performance, low-cost pure water hydrogen production catalysts and membrane electrodes. The startup’s core IP is a low iridium (Ir) PEM catalyst for hydrogen production: nearly 6 times more efficient than mainstream versions. Iridium is a key element for PEM hydrolyzers to produce green hydrogen (Iridium is very scarce, occurring at 0.000003 parts/million in the earth’s crust, which means there is insufficient supply for global needs). Founded in 2023, Dynamic Hydrogen’s technical founders, Guo Shaojun and Lv Fan, combine many years of experience in catalyst R&D in the field of PEM water electrolysis for hydrogen production, with a focus on catalyst materials & Catalyst-Coated Membranes (CCM). A 3rd core founder, Zheng Tianyou, brings 10 years of experience in corporate strategy development and startup management. With its unique breakthrough low-Ir PEM catalyst tech, Dynamic Hydrogen’s market potential is massive.

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