Econic switches to high gear with new positioning, rebranding & website launch

September 16, 2023
Xavier Wong

On 1 Sep 2023, Econic – a CM Venture portfolio company – has just released its newly refreshed website (, visual identity and logo.

The rebranding exercise, with its new positioning dubbed ‘Redeeming CO2’, marks a significant change in pace: from Econic being a brilliant scientific invention with potential, to being a commercially viable sustainable technology for today’s markets. It also signifies a clear demarcation from its R&D phase to its new role as a market disruptor, driven by an ambitious, strong and clear company identity.

With goals to be a pioneer & leader in bringing renewable carbon solutions to market, the branding update mirrors the evolution of Econic’s business as they scale up globally with commercial partners. In recent months, Econic has established core partnership milestones: agreement with Monument Chemical to develop and grow CO2 polyurethanes in the USA, and its landmark collaboration with Changhua, one of China’s biggest polyol producers.

CM Venture is proud to share that Econic’s new brand positioning was co-created with our in-house marketing experts, to help the brand achieve an effective entry and cut-through in the market.

While excessive carbon is harmful to the climate, the fact is our world is entirely carbon-based. By innovating science to make carbon work for humanity, instead of against it, Econic’s technology serves to redeem carbon’s role for a better purpose. Its unique catalyst process transforms waste CO2 into a useful, material-building element: turning carbon into practical high-performance products for automotive, apparel, construction, furnishings and more.

Econic’s company vision is to ‘redeem CO2 by redefining essential products – for good’. This is supported by a mission to pioneer the transformation of CO2 into high performance materials that shape a better future for all.

To learn more about how Econic is pioneering the transformation of carbon dioxide into high-performance materials that shape a better future for all, click on the button below.