Enwise won the "Winning Prize" in HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneur Start-up Competition

September 13, 2021

On September 11th, Enwise, the invested enterprise of CM Venture Capital, was invited to attend HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit. Enwise has won the “winning prize” and 200K RMD in the final round of the HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition.

Through five core sections of “competition, discussion, exhibition, investment, and show,” HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurs Summit has explored an innovative model for introducing high-quality entrepreneurial projects under the new trend. It had a wide-ranging influence among overseas entrepreneurial circles and investors. Innovative entrepreneurship is the source of vitality and the key driving force for economic and social development.

The total number of projects registered in the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition has reached 4018. At the same time, the number of applicants also achieved a new high, with a total of 5077, of which 25% are foreign nationals. With its technological innovation and advancement in “the solution of clean and renewable energy contributing to the carbon neutralization of organic waste,” Enwise was recognized by professional judges and stood out from many participating projects. Nanpeng Shen, the founder of Sequoia Capital, and Kaifu Li, the founder of Innovation Workshop, presented awards to the winning projects of the HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition.

Dream Realization in Beijing


Despite the global macroeconomic slump in 2020, China’s GDP still achieved a growth of 2.3%, becoming the only major economy worldwide with a positive growth rate.  In 2021, combined with the visible changes in the global economy and innovation development in the post-epidemic era, the HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurs Summit will firmly grasp the opportunities of the “two-regions” construction, promote the establishment of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center as its strategic goal in 2025,  innovate the service, improve the chain, meet new challenges, continue to optimize the ecology of innovative entrepreneurship, build an open and win-win development pattern in Beijing, and create talent events with global influence.


Enwise, with its perseverance and adherence to the spirit of technological innovation, is devoted to empowering the future of Green Earth!

Dry Anaerobic Digestion Technology

Enwise provides a highly efficient dry anaerobic digestion system that transforms organic waste into affordable clean energy and fertilizer while maintaining a compact modular design. The module design is customizable, based on each client’s unique needs; the project and function expansion are very convenient and swift; the equipment is installed on-site and locally processes organic waste as it is produced.

Scientific reduction of solid waste to boost energy economy

Enwise can convert 1 ton of wet waste into approximately 40kg solid organic fertilizer, reducing weight by 96%. The biogas generated during the wet waste treatment can be converted into 240 kWh of electrical energy or 12 tons of 60 degrees of hot water or 0.75 tons of steam.

Professional operation and maintenance to realize automatic management

Enwise has the IoT remote monitoring, diagnosis, and control system, continuous intelligent analysis, and accumulated data resources. The equipment can be controlled and managed without any workforce on-site through its independently developed intelligent control system.

Environment Friendly & Pollution Free

Enwise’s anaerobic digestion equipment is environment-friendly, and its treatment process is noise-free and pollution-free. The equipment has passed a number of certification reports, and the odor and sewage treatments all meet the discharge standards. Additionally, the organic fertilizer after wet waste treatment meets the NY525-2012 standards and realizes commercialization.