Global Power Technology (GPT) delivers the first solar-powered intelligent super charging station in Hunan Province

June 12, 2023
Xavier Wong

Global Power Technology (GPT), with Liuyang Urban & Rural Development Group, have jointly built the first photovoltaic (PV/solar energy), energy storage and intelligent supercharging station in Hunan province. The ‘Liuyang Sports Center Super Charging Station’ is a new-generation EV charging station, integrating solar power, energy storage and liquid-cooled supercharging – delivering up to 200 kms of range with a 5-minute charge.

The development of this station addresses key issues that EVs have been facing in the industry: charging efficiency. In recent years, PV, energy storage and superfast charging technology have been developing rapidly, and this all-in-one charging station in Hunan Province combines the best of them.

The site also serves as the pioneer all-silicon carbide-based charging station in Hunan Province, using silicon carbide-based superchargers, together with inverters from AP Systems. Featuring GPT’s self-produced/developed silicon carbide devices, the charging station is equipped with two sets of silicon carbide intelligent supercharging stacks, and ten 120KW dual-gun DC charging kiosks, to support up to 40 EVs at any one time.

The combination of PV (solar) and energy storage makes it a comprehensive multi-function/application energy station. The canopy is covered in PV panels, generating solar energy to be stored or used by the equipment, supporting daily power needs of the station. The energy from the sun supports peak-hour charging demands, helps to cut down the load on the power grid, and mitigate energy price fluctuations. All in all, saving costs in the long run.

The charging station also integrates fully-equipped rest/waiting areas to provide maximum comfort for users.