Guofu jointly develops Inner Mongolia’s integrated solar & wind hydrogen production project with Mengxi New Energy

December 5, 2023

Both parties to develop an integrated hydrogen production project in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, valued at 10.5 billion RMB

On 16 Nov 2023, Guoneng Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Mengxi New Energy) Co, and Guofu Hydrogen signed a landmark agreement: ‘The Inner Mongolia Wind & Solar Hydrogen Production Integration Project Cooperation Development’. Both parties will collaborate to develop/operate an integrated wind & solar hydrogen production  project in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Joint investment value: 10.5 billion RMB
Phase 1 production: 6,000 tons liquid hydrogen/yr
Phase 1 energy capacity allocation: 300,000 kW/yr
Projected annual production: 30,000 tons liquid hydrogen/yr
Projected energy capacity allocation: 1.1 million kW/yr

Benefiting from abundant wind and solar resources, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has significant advantages in the development of the green hydrogen industry. The introduction of wind and solar hydrogen production technology is expected to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with China’s dual carbon emission reduction requirements. This cooperation will further promote the development of the green hydrogen industry, establish a diversified new energy consumption mechanism, and accelerate the application of green energy. This is an important milestone, demonstrating the commitment and efforts of both parties towards sustainable development.

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