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A.I. Material Discovery - space-age copper alloy wires


Based in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, INNOAERO designs and develops conductive alloy materials through its AI-enabled material discovery platform and extensive copper alloy database. After years of research, developing its world-class, space-age quality, high-strength copper alloy conductive materials, INNOAERO is the only Chinese startup to overcome a market barrier that used to rely on imported tech. 

It is the only Chinese enterprise to independently designed, developed and produced a complete series of high-strength, extra-high-strength and ultra-high-strength aerospace grade copper alloy conductors. INNOAERO is also the only Chinese company that has copper alloy wire qualified for space satellite use. 

INNOAERO’s AI-developed copper alloy products meet China’s urgent demand for high-performance aerospace wires in manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, deep space exploration and related space-age projects. These ultra-high quality, high-performance copper alloy wires are also applied in areas such as New Energy Vehicles and modern consumer electronics.

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