Food and feed from CO2

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Since 2017, NovoNutrients has developed a promising, profitable, and scalable solution to decarbonize industries and ensure protein food security in a warming and increasingly destabilized world.

Producing affordable, nutritious, and highly sustainable protein through clean, safe, aerobic fermentation, NovoNutrients transforms hydrogen and the potent greenhouse gas CO2 into versatile food and feed ingredients.

Made with patented/proprietary bacteria and bioreactors, the protein is better than beef – without cows: exceptional digestibility, a mild savory flavor, and high levels of crude protein and all the amino acids. When decoupled from agriculture and fossil fuels, Novotein® and Novoceuticals® are carbon-negative and 99-99.9% more land- and water-efficient than plant-based proteins. NovoNutrients is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in Silicon Valley, with key operational relationships in Asia Pacific and beyond.