Shanghai Yangpu district partnership: CM Low-Carbon Global Innovation Park

January 4, 2024

The Shanghai Yangpu District invited CM Venture to be one of their low-carbon industry chain champions

On Dec 19, Dr Min Zhou was personally invited by the Shanghai Yangpu District Mayor Zhou Haiying to the 69th Executive Meeting of the Yangpu District Government to share CM’s perspective on Hydrogen. Her 45-minute presentation covered hydrogen 101, hydrogen industry trends, opportunities and challenges for China’s hydrogen industry, hydrogen-related enterprises already present in the Yangpu District. Dr Zhou also put forward two recommendations: 1) use investment tools to roll up hydrogen companies which face a tough fundraising environment, 2) establish a physical space that can bring those hydrogen companies together for “co-creation”.


The Shanghai Yangpu District is planning on building up a low-carbon industry chain to drive future growth. CM Venture has been invited as one of the low-carbon industry chain champions by the local district government.`


The landmark meeting invited industry experts and public representatives to participate in the deliberation of relevant major administrative decisions to help the government make suggestions. The meeting was attended by all district leaders.


District Mayor Zhou Haiying pointed out that at present, Shanghai Yangpu District’s forward-looking plans in the green and low-carbon industries have set up a fundamental trend for the integrated development of technology, industry, capital and talents. An acceleration in this space will help the district’s industrial transformation and upgrading.


Efforts will be intensified to attract outstanding talents and high-quality enterprises, promote industrial integration, so as to continuously promote the high-quality development of green and low-carbon industries. The authorities also pledged to increase policy guidance and support, promote the rapid development of green and low-carbon industries, and inject new momentum into the region’s high-quality economic and social development.


The accelerated rise of green and low-carbon industries is slated to be a breakthrough in Yangpu District’s new round of industrial transformation and upgrading.


To spearhead the low-carbon initiative, CM Venture has proposed the development of a CM Low-Carbon Global Innovation Park, a 10,000 sq meter space designated as a hotbed for low-carbon startups. The park will attract MNCs, domestic and foreign SMEs to encourage cross-collaboration and business development opportunities, to co-create new breakthroughs in the low carbon space. The Shanghai Yangpu District has expressed support to develop the park, which will be a light industrial, office and research space.


Excerpts from CM Venture’s POV on the hydrogen energy industry shared at the meeting