Smart Drone Solutions
for Energy Industries

CM Venture
Portfolio Company


Founded in 2017, Skysys is the first Chinese startup to develop a total drone solution integrating an automated drone hangar with a Drone Autonomous Operating Platform and/or Drone-Enabling System. Called UltraHive, it offers a one-stop solution that overcomes conventional drawbacks, such as difficult/manual flight control, short flight times, lack of drone storage and system incompatibility. UltraHive establishes a five-step unattended closed-loop system that consists of automatic take-off, automatic cruising, automatic probing, automatic return-to-base and automatic data analysis for various UAV industrial applications – which greatly expands UAV application scenarios/possibilities and dramatically reduces the cost for end users.

Skysys positions itself as a data service company, relying on its automatic drone hangars/solutions for its source. Skysys founders have over 15 years of industrial data acquisition and analysis experience, offering wireless sensing solutions for multiple well-known enterprises.