Strategic cooperation between Zenithnano & Bready, a domestic quantum dot film company

August 1, 2023

Zenithnano has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanjing Bready New Material Technology, a leading quantum dot film enterprise, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

On 15th July 2023, Zenithnano CEO Zhong Shudong and Bready Chairman Liu Yong hosted the official signing ceremony to inaugurate and announce the partnership.

Both parties have established a strategic supply chain partnership to integrate water vapor barrier films with quantum dot films. In the coming years, Zenithnano will exclusively supply water vapor barrier films for use on Bready’s quantum dot films.

Zenithnano’s water vapor barrier film features a unique barrier material with low permeability to water and gas, to deliver high performance, superior reliability and an extended service life. Aside from its use in the field of quantum dot displays, it’s also widely applied in photovoltaic batteries, E-ink & E-tags, food & medicines, as well as a variety of electronic components.

At present, very few domestic suppliers in China are able to deliver high-end water vapor barrier films. Conventionally, most local makers rely on imports from Japan, South Korea, the United States and so on. After years of R&D, Zenithnano has brought to market a unique water vapor barrier material film with high water resistance, high light transmittance, superior flexibility/foldability and excellent weather resistance. The WVTR value ranges from 10-1g/ (m2·day) to 10-5g/ (m2·day). It can be mass produced roll-to-roll at a lower cost, and delivers world-class performance characteristics when compared to imported films. Since Zenithnano’s water vapor barrier film is now mass-produced, it’s slated to become its flagship product for the barrier material market.

The strategic cooperation between Zenithnano and Bready demonstrates that Zenithnano’s water vapor barrier films are now recognized and accepted by leading downstream customers. With a reduced reliance on foreign suppliers, this encourages domestic substitution of locally-produced high-quality water vapor barrier films for the downstream market. Through this agreement, it is hoped that Zenithnano’s high-performance water vapor barrier films will open more doors to greater opportunities, to grow in this market space in the future.