World's busiest hydrogen fuel station

April 18, 2019

Hidden behind a blank wall with no signs or name, in a nondescript alley off a busy street in Shanghai, is world’s busiest hydrogen fueling station. It was built as a demonstration project for hydrogen fueling stations. While designed for 500 kg/day, it serves 500 commercial trucks for e-commerce companies and on busiest days, it can dispense 1000 kg a day, making it the busiest hydrogen station in the world.


Hydrogen industry will develop rapidly in China in the following years. The Chinese government has written the support on FCV and hydrogen station into its 2019 government work report. China Hydrogen Energy Industry Infrastructure Development Blue Book estimates industry overall output value will reach 300 billion RMB by 2020 and 1 trillion RMB by 2030. While there are only 369 hydrogen stations worldwide at end of 2018, China plans to build 100 hydrogen fuelling stations by end of 2020, 300 by end of 2025 and 1,000 by end of 2030. China clearly sees developing hydrogen, which it has in abundance, as a way to reduce its dependence on imported oil. 


The hydrogen fueling station in Shanghai is equipped by Furui Hydrogen, a CM Venture portfolio company, leading supplier in China of hydrogen fueling equipment as well as hydrogen tanks on the 500 commercial shipping trucks.