Transforming CO2 into
Functional Products

CM Venture
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Econic Technolgies

Econic Technologies was born from a vision where catalyst chemistry can transform waste CO2 into high performance products made from renewable carbon. Manufacturers use the Econic process and catalyst to upcycle CO2 into a key ingredient that replaces expensive fossil fuels in polymers.

This vision was crystallised by Professor Charlotte Williams, then at Imperial College London, and now Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Since its inception, Econic has expanded to two sites: a state-of-the-art facility at Alderley Park, the internationally renowned science hub south of Manchester, and a pilot facility running the Econic process in Runcorn. Two major manufacturers have licensed Econic’s technology and will be bringing capacity online in 2024.

All of our efforts are intently focused on the future. Econic’s unique, patented technology has applications in everyday products like cars, clothes, construction materials, mattresses and more. Our chemistry makes products work better and cost less, so billions of people can enjoy modern life with less impact on the planet.