Bio Energy from Organic Waste

CM Venture
Portfolio Company


Enwise delivers some of the best carbon footprint reduction solutions to its customers by transforming organic waste into energy, with innovative hardware, software and services.

It builds and operates OSCAR, a high-efficiency dry anaerobic digester that produces clean, renewable energy on-site. OSCAR is an intelligent integration of hardware and software, and can transform waste into energy and fertilizer according to customer needs. Enwise’ s technology is built around data, and evolves with data.

With IoT technology, its OTTO system provides 24/7 monitoring services with real-time KPI visualization, offering daily energy output, processing capacity, conversion rate, etc. This AI-driven platform operates and monitors all Enwise equipment remotely. Users have access to the energy conversion dashboard, while a remote Enwise team helps monitor over 1,000 control points to ensure maximum energy output efficiency. Enwise empowers companies to achieve their goal of a zero-carbon future.