Industrial Digital Transformation (IOT)

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Thingple Inc. was founded to focus on industrial Internet-of-Things, with a belief that the intersection of IOT and Industrial is the core of Industry 4.0.

Thingple Inc. has developed a series of proprietary UHF-RFID hardware, including tags, readers, antennas for asset management. In addition, Thingple has developed high performance LORAWAN router and a suite of industrial sensors for sensing and monitoring.

Thingple products have leading-edge performance that is specifically designed for high-metal, high-complexity industrial environment. Thingple’s state-of-art automated manufacturing line ensures consistency and quality of Thingple products. Thingple has also developed cloud-based APPs for the industries we address.

Thingple customers are leading industrial companies, including Air products, Air Liquide in the gas industry; Suez, Henkel in the chemical industry; GE, Yanfeng in the manufacturing industries.