Home Networking and
Smart Grid Markets

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Xingtera, a communications IC company, focuses on home networking and smart grid markets. Established in 2010 by industry veterans, Xingtera has operations in Shanghai, China and Santa Clara, California.

With over 15 patents filed, Xingtera dedicates its effort to promote and develop ITU-T G.hn technology and products. Xingtera’s technology optimizes the home network to take advantage of high bandwidth network access and increase the quality of service, establishing a home network that simplifies connectivity between household electronics, enabling users to stream multiple videos to multiple devices simultaneously without losing any quality of service.

Xingtera has been leading the effort in promoting G.hn technology and standardization in China with the other G.hn IC allies during the past three years. Now G.hn achieves national level milestone in China. Mainland China and Taiwan harmonize on G.hn as their “smart home” wireline home network technology. In addition, seventeen global carriers, including AT&T, Telefonica, and Korea Telecom, are adopting G.hn standard and deploying G.hn technology.