Flexible Conductive Films
for Touchscreens

CM Venture
Portfolio Company

Zenithnano Technology

Zenithnano Technology is a leader in ITO-replacement for transparent conductive films. The innovation-driven company has developed breakthrough ultra-thin conductive nanometal film materials. One core product integrates a sub-500 nanometer silver-based metal layer to form an even, transparent and highly conductive film. The film can be deposited at room temperature, allowing the use of a variety of substrates. Including flexible substrates to be used in foldable displays and curved displays.

Zenithnano’s nano-silver sputtered transparent conductive films offer low electrical resistance, high transparency, low haze and high uniformity.

It has a wide range of applications, such as radar heating electrodes, transparent antenna electrodes, high-end water vapor barrier films, infrared-window films, blood glucose electrodes. Most products that require strong, flexible, conductive surfaces are candidate markets. 

Zenithnano’s technology is widely used in flexible displays, touchscreens, Quantum Dots (QD), photovoltaic power generation systems, intelligent/electrochromic glass, EMI shielding, automotive applications, medecines and more…